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Kidney Disease

Advanced neuro is brain & spine surgery hospital in patna. Neurosurgery in patna.

Advance Neuro is one of the most trusted Neuro Hospital providing advance neurological treatments including brain surgery. It is used to treat a variety of conditions like tumors, epilepsy, blood clots, Parkinson’s disease and aneurysms.  With the contribution of highly skilled neurosurgeons and neuroanesthesiologist we strive to impart top-notch neurological services. The neurological department of our hospital is backed with modern technologies equipments to perform advance procedures for successful treatment. The department have a fully dedicated and functional laboratory to examine the entire neurophysiological tests including EMG, NCV, EEGm, Evoked potentials and many more.

Various types of Brain Surgery provided by us

  • Craniotomy: Under Craniotomy our neuro surgeons remove the skull and access the brain in removing tumors, blood clots etc. It also done for the repair of a brain aneurysm or the fractures of skull.
  • Biopsy: The procedure of Biopsy is performed by the surgeons to remove the brain cells and tissue for its examination by pathologists
  • Neuroendoscopy Posterior fossa decompression: The procedure of Neuroendoscopy posterior fossa decompression is performed by our specialists for the removal of extra bone from the bottom of the brain. This removal creates more space for cerebellum and lessens the pressure on Spinal Cord.
  • Deep brain Stimulation (DBS): Deep Brain Stimulation is the procedure under which a battery-operated medical device that can be also called implantable pulse generator is implanted inside the brain to deliver electrical stimulation. The procedure is used for the treatment of Parkinson’s diseases.
  • Thrombectomy and cerebral aneurysm repair: The procedure is performed without opening up the skull under which thin metal wires passes through the patient’s groin to reach the brain vessel. The practice of such procedures is performed for the treatment of a cerebral aneurysm, blood clot in a brain artery.

For the treatment of some brain cancer our neurosurgeons use the procedure of stereotactic radio surgery. It is an external radiation treatment which does not involve any incision. The hospital is supported with highly experienced Neuro surgeons who perform various procedures for the successful surgeries. With the emergence of technology and experience we ensure to provide most impactful treatment for the severe issues of brain.

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