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Why India ?

India is one of the fastest growing and improving healthcare infrastructure medical destinations in the world. It is estimated that the medical tourism rate in India will have an expected annual growth of 40% by the end of 2018-2025. That would mean, that the ground-breaking medical infrastructures and facilities that India has been proposing, is gradually (yet very effectively) having an immense inflow of foreigners friends.

The most evident reason that one could derive would be efficient cost, World class care , clean environment and best Doctors in world , but it is more than just that! It is the growth of India in terms of its technology and its standards. Indian medical institutions and Hospitals are equipped with medical and therapeutic procedures that are combined with world class facilities making it an ideal location for cost effective and high quality medical solutions that are of international standards.

A city like Patna would be at the centre of this attraction because of its social scenario— it is a Cultural bowl! People from different cultures come to Bihar ,Place of Buddha , Unique culture , with disparate mother tongues. Thus the only common language, English has become quite widespread; the foreigners would not find much language barrier in Patna. Moreover, Patna has some of the latest equipment and the cost for medical treatment here is comparatively cheaper which makes it a hub for medical tourism.


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